The GUKSH Cultural Troop is headed by Madam Jinlian Asafo-Adjei (popularly known as Jilly). Jilly was part of the children who participated in a popular and Legendary Ghanaian TV Show "BY THE FIRESIDE" which was presented by Madam Grace Omaboe (a.k.a. Maame Dogono) and Dr. Rokoto.

The cultural troop focuses on various cultural dances in Ghana. For example Adowa, Kete, Abaaja, Boboobo, and many more. The group performed during;

  • a cultural evening by the city of Kiel on 04.02.2019 at the Schauspielhaus, Kiel,
  • Kiel AFRIKATAG on 25.05.2019 at the Audimax, University of Kiel
  • GUKSH and GhaSA Inauguration on 08.06.2019 at the University of Kiel.
  • Bootshafen SommerFest on 03.08.2019 at the Bootshafen, Kiel

Most of the members are children below the age of 14 years. However, adults are also welcome to participate in the dance.

Madam Jinlian Asafo-Adjei

(Leader of the Cultural Troop)

Part of the cultural troop with

H. E. Ambassador Gina Blay,

Kiels Stadtpräsident Hans-Werner Tovar and some of the executives of GUKSH e.V.

From left: Tracy, Rehiana, Shanel, Angel.

From right: Fafali, Kaycey, Pamela.

Modeling: Elly, Bee, Angel, Shanel, Tracey, Fafali, Rehiana and Pamela showing their own modeling skills. Madam Jinlian Asafo-Adjei is the woman behind all these wonderful performances by the youngsters.