Short history about the foundation of Ghana Union Kiel Schleswig-Holstein  e.V. (GUKSH).

It all started when Mr. Emmanuel Ossei-Wusu realized that there was strong disunity among Ghanaians in Kiel and Schleswig-Holstein as a whole. He came up with the idea to found Ghana Union Association which is going to be the FIRST of its kind in Schleswig-Holstein region.

This was when Ossei-Wusu was invited by Mr. Anthony Darkwah (a.k.a. Mr. Tony) to take part in the one-week celebration of Agya Kwame Oppong (may his soul rest in peace) in June, 2017. According to Ossei-Wusu, he was a little bit reluctant to attend because he usually devote Sundays to his family. Nevertheless, he asked permission from his wife and son and attended the said occasion. During the one week celebration, Ossei-Wusu realised those gathered there were members of the burial and funeral planning committee. Automatically, he became part of the committee and even took the leading role by documenting all the necessary points discussed. He relayed information to all the members of the committee on daily bases. However, neither did Ossei-Wusu's name appeared on any of the posters or flyers for the funeral announcement nor was mentioned for acknowledgement during the funeral. In any case, he was not worried and took it to be an oversight. Ossei-Wusu did not allow the recognition issue bother him at all because for him, the most important thing was to make sure that Agya Oppong would be given a befitting burial and funeral because he was a good friend. That was exactly what he did.

Emmanuel Ossei-Wusu

  • Founder: Emmanuel Ossei-Wusu
  • First General Meeting: 08.07.2017
  • Officially registered on: 29.05.2018
  • Inaugurated on: 08.06.2019
  • Motto: Together We Succeed

The strong divisions among Ghanaians came as a huge surprise to him. So he asked himself, what was going on? Why such a division? It was as part of his search for answers that Ossei-Wusu came up with the idea to found a Ghana Union Kiel Schleswig-Holstein (GUKSH) as an association. The basic objective of the union was to foster unity among Ghanaians in Schleswig-Holstein as it can be observe in the emblem and motto of the Union. Obviously, as someone who has experience in organising and leading associations of different categories and at different levels, Ossei-Wusu knew the magnitude of work involved. Therefore, it was very important and prudent to discuss the idea with his family, i.e. his lovely wife, Mrs. Betty Ossei-Wusu and lovely son, Emmet Ossei-Wusu. After long discussion, both agreed that their husband and father should go ahead with the foundation of the Union and that they will support him at all times. He therefore informed some people about his idea to form Ghana Union Kiel Schleswig-Holstein, which they all agreed to. The first people he informed include, but not limited to, the funeral committee members; Mr. Agyenim Boateng, Mr. Kwame Appiah, Mr. Anthony Darkwah, Madam Elizabeth Baier (nee´ Aggrey), Mr. Bright Ofosu, Madam Elizabeth Ofosu, Mr. Ebenezer Amegbe and Madam Agnes Oppong.

Madam Agnes Oppong

Madam Elizabeth Baier

(nee´ Aggrey)

Mr. Ebenezer Amegbe

Mr. Anthony Darkwah

Mr. Agyenim Boateng

Mr. Kwame Appiah

Mr. Bright Ofosu

Madam Elizabeth Ofosu

Ossei-Wusu refers to them as elders of the Union and respect them a lot. The rest are Daddy Boat, Kingsley Addae, Felicia Otapa, Sandra Enyonam, Lewis, Kwaku Safo, Blankson Boampong, Daniel Agyei Brako, Tina Hansen Brako, Eunice Bonsu, Fransisca Antwi, Sarah Adorkor, ands many more. This led to the first general meeting of the NEWLY formed Ghanaian Association on 8th. July, 2017 and was attended by almost 30 people. See attached list. The venue was Dietrichstraße 2 24143 Kiel. For the benefit of those who were not aware of the objectives of the association, Ossei-Wusu once again informed them about his idea of founding Ghana Union Kiel Schleswig-Holstein e.V. (GUKSH). He told them that the main objective of the union was to foster unity among Ghanaians in Kiel and Schleswig-Holstein as a whole. He went further to inform them that although he, Emmanuel Ossei-Wusu is the FOUNDER of the Ghana Union Kiel Schleswig-Holstein e.V. (GUKSH), the association does not belong to him and his family alone, but it belongs to all members. Based on a special request, those present confirmed the following people as interim executives and welfare committee members.


Interim executives:

Emmanuel Ossei-Wusu (Founder and President)

Daniel Adjei Brako (Vice-President)

Aaronica Ama Addo (Secretary, was confirmed later)

Eunice Bonsu (Treasurer)

Anthony Darkwah (Organising Secretary)


Interim welfare committee members:

Gabriel Afotey Quaye (chairman)

Fransisca Antwi (member)

Daniel Kwame Gborfu (member)

Elizabeth Baier (member)

Bright Ofosu (member)

Blankson Boampong (member)


See the protocol for the full discussion we held on that day.

As a founder and president, Ossei-Wusu was given the task to contact other Ghanaians who could not attend the meeting due to lack of information. He accepted the huge task with his whole heart. So, first, he generated a WhatsApp platform for the Union. Ossei-Wusu then called over 150 people on telephone to inform them about the association. It didn’t end there. In order to spread the message more effectively to the Ghanaian community, the Ossei-Wusu family (i.e. Emmanuel, Betty and Emmet) took upon themselves and visited various churches, religious gatherings and other events in Kiel and it's environs. This helped the family to come in contact with lots of Ghanaians who couldn't be reach on phone. In fact, this visitation has been the routine of the Ossei-Wusu family up to date.

Meanwhile, upon the advise of some people, Ossei-Wusu contacted Madam Rose Sekoh to assist the union to acquire a permanent place for it's general meetings. She didn't hesitate at all and helped us with application to the city of Kiel for a meeting place at the “Jugendtreff Ellerbek at Hangstr. 59, 24148 Kiel which has been the meeting place of the union up to date. Thank you so much Madam Sekoh.

Unfortunately, as the organization took off, some of the “elders” became passive which made the work very difficult. Some didn’t attend a single meeting and some attended just twice. Most of the members of the welfare committee terminated their service and it was completely depleted. However, as a founder of such an association Ossei-Wusu encouraged his executives not to give up but hold on to the task. He said, he is very thankful to the premier executives. The good thing was that, some of the “new” members became very active, sacrificed their family, time, work, etc. for the development of the union. To those people we say Kudos to you all.

With all these challenges, the union was able to organise it's first ever end-of-year party on 30.12.2017. The success of the party will be accredited to the welfare committee led by it's chairman, Gabriel Quaye, Madam Sandra Enyonam (decoration), Mr. Evans Capore (main sponsor), Daddy Boat (MC), the entire executives, and many others.

Meanwhile, Ossei-Wusu has finished drafting the constitution for the association which was a pre-requisite for it’s registration in the court of law. He handled it over to an ad-hoc committee, which was comprised of Evans Capore, Rose Sekoh and Henry Ben-Acquaah to edit and make some recommendations. Finally, Wilfried Saust (chairman of both Europa Union KV Kiel e.V. and Arbeitsgemeinschaft-Kieler-Auslandsvereine e.V.) helped to refined the constitution. After almost nine months since the first general meeting of the union, the association was officially registered on 29.05.2018 with the name


Ghana Union Kiel Schleswig-Holstein e.V. (GUKSH)“ and

registration number VR 6752 KI from Amtsgericht Kiel

The seven (7) members who stood in for the registration as demanded by the German law are: Emmanuel Ossei-Wusu, Daniel Adjei Brako, Aaronica Ama Addo, Eunice Bonsu, Anthony Darkwah, Evans Capore, and Gabriel Quaye.


As of the time of registration of the union, the structures of the Union were as follows;

  • Executives: Emmanuel Ossei-Wusu, Daniel Adjei Brako, Aaronica Ama Addo, Eunice Bonsu, and Anthony Darkwah.
  • Advisory Board: Evans Capore, Philip Ashitey, Mr. Henry Ben-Acquaah, Rosetta Mensah-Bonsu and Kojo Sarpong
  • Welfare Committee: Gabriel Afotey Quaye, Fransisca Antwi, Daniel Kwame Gborfu, Alhaji Mustapha Ibrahim and Hajia Khalila Quaye.
  • Internal Audit Committee: Patrick Amankwah and Justice Ayi
  • Porter: Alhaji Adi Sulley

Since January, 2018: Member of Forum für Migrant*innen Kiel

Since January, 2018: Member of Arbeitsgemeinschaft Kieler Auslandsvereine (AKA) and Europa-Union Schleswig-Holstein e.V.

Since July, 2018: Member of Union of Ghanaian Association in Germany e.V. (UGAG)

Since January, 2019: Member of Bündnis Eine Welt Schleswig-Holstein e.V. (BEI)


GUKSH e.V. anthem

Written and composed by: Henry Martin Ben-Acquaah

Edited by: Emmanuel Ossei-Wusu


On behalf of “Ghana Union Kiel Schleswig-Holstein e.V. (GUKSH)“ Emmanuel Ossei-Wusu extend his gratitude to all members of the union for the success we have achieved together. He also acknowledge his predecessors such Pastor Emmanuel Edusei-Berko, who were also worried about the divisions among the Ghanaian community. All what Emmanuel Ossei-Wusu has to say is that GOD BLESS US ALL and Together, We Shall Surely Succeed. Thank you so much.